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Rock Camp 2024

Rock Camp will once again be split into two equal camps.  Both camps will have a maximum of 4 bands.  Camp is open to all but there is limited space and the slots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Returning campers will be given first priority, followed by current students, followed by past students of Melodic Rhythms.  Non-students are welcome at camp but we might need an evaluation of the camper's abilities to adequately place them within a band.


Week 1 of camp is Monday, July 22nd through Friday, July 26th from 9am-1pm each day.

Week 2 of camp is Monday, August 5th through Friday, August 9th from 9am-1pm each day. 

The combined public showcase of both camps will be Sunday, August 11th at the Lincoln Theatre in Belleville, Illinois.  The exact showtime is still to be determined, but late afternoon to early evening would be the most accurate description.  This show is open to the public and a full concert production.

The combined camps will also do a second public performance on Friday, September 20th on the stage at Belleville's Oktoberfest.  Times will be announced at a later date.

The band sizes will be (at maximum): 2 vocalists, 3 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 keyboardist, 2 drummers, and possible complimentary auxiliary instrumentalists.

We do have annual camp T-Shirts produced that have the band names displayed on them.  We encourage everyone to order them and we receive no profit from them.

We have expanded the registration form to include band mate options and song selections so that we can place the campers in the best situations.

To reserve a camp slot, the registration form must be filled out and at least 50% of the registration fee must be paid.  We have several payment options listed at the end of the registration form.



Camp is $250 per student per week.  T-Shirts are $15 per shirt
Choose The Camp Week(s)
Student at Melodic Rhythms
Are you available for either week?
Would you like to order a T-Shirt
How Do You Prefer Payment?

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