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We can help you with all of your instrument maintenance needs.  
From re-wiring a guitar's electronics to replacing worn pads on a clarinet, we are here to help get your instrument back into playing condition and keep it that way.

Repair prices vary

$25 bench fee is applied to total repair cost

  • Brass Repair - such as (but not limited to): Stuck mouthpieces, waterkey replacement, slide alignment, minor dent repair 

  • Woodwind Repair - such as (but not limited to): Re-cork, re-pad, waterkey replacement, regulation adjustments 

  • Guitar Repair - such as (but not limited to): Re-string, set-ups, bridge and neck adjustments, electronics 

  • Drum/Percussion Repair - such as (but not limited to): Re-heading, tuning, shell repair, re-threading, re-wrapping, hardware repair

  • Amp/Electronic Repair - such as (but not limited to): Re-tube, input jack replacement, speaker replacement, pot crackle



*Note: Even though a repair may seem easy, we do sometimes have a backlog of repairs and try to get to them in the order that they were brought to us. We will always call with an estimate of cost and time after looking over the problem before doing any of the work. If you would like to set up a repair, you can email one of our repair techs. Brass, Woodwind, Guitar, Drum/Percussion, Amp/Electronic. *

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